Digital Force Gauge (Professional Type)

  • Keyword : Digital Force Gauge, Dynamometer, Tensile tester
  • Portable
  • Unit replacement N/KGF/LBF
  • Peak record
  • Suitable for professionals
  • LED lights
  • Overload warning light
  • Long standby
  • Fixed bracket can be installed
  • The maximum pulling force of some models can reach 1000N
  • Specification

    • Weight: 1.8KG

    • Power Input: DC15V 250mA

    Model Capacity Display Unit Resolution
    FG-D-5 5N 5.000N N / KGF / LBF 0.001N
    FG-D-10 10N 10.000N N / KGF / LBF 0.001N
    FG-D-20 20N 20.00N N / KGF / LBF 0.01N
    FG-D-50 50N 50.00N N / KGF / LBF 0.01N
    FG-D-100 100N 100.00N N / KGF / LBF 0.01N
    FG-D-200 200N 200.0N N / KGF / LBF 0.1N
    FG-D-500 500N 500.0N N / KGF / LBF 0.1N
    FG-D-1000 1000N 1000.0N N / KGF / LBF 1N



    Item Meaning
    A Measuring axis
    B Seal
    C AC wildcard interface
    D Power button
    E Unit key / Send key
    F Compare data to identify LED
    G Display screen
    H Overload warning LED
    I Peak key
    J Return parts
    K RS232 interface


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